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Work poetics

Autorretrato con lavandas 7.29mb.jpg

“A fragment of time and space can be perceptible from a thorough register. A tiny action remains printed into that instant while defining it as well. A sum of instants, a sum of gestures build, are assembled, and manifest the time that passed by. But once the collection is complete the time starts flying and undoes it. Undoes the shape, undoes the matter, undoes the time that built it. It evaporates sometimes, it stays in the memory forever.”

Paula Zaccaria, 2020

I feel a great attraction towards the construction, to compose shapes from small actions, plain procedures that are arranged in a simple way to assemble a piece. I compose series using aromatic plants and spices. Some works are small spaces knitted with fragrances, a threads crossover, an embroidery, simply tiny units held together with pins or inside containers. Others are modules organized in symmetries or apparent symmetries that complete olfactory collections, soft fragrances come off subtly from them, real subtleties or the ones that endure imprinted in our memory.


The predominance of the visual in our culture is undeniable but my interest lays in achieving the meaning of the message from the apprehension of the visible elements as well as the ones that are not. That is why I present a work where the image is boosted from elements that have as one of their essential features having a scent.


The perception of the fragrance is conveyed through air, the olfactory answer is immediate, it spreads directly to the brain. A great reminiscent capacity, emotional connections and memories related to scents are linked to very personal experiences. Its perception influences the development of singular feelings and physical reactions. Linked to time by its ephemeral nature, it demands an active audience that perceives changes and different sensations while moving around the space that surrounds the work. The journey will be slow, a trace printed in the space turns it into the real support of the work.

Paula Zaccaria

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